Season 3 – Episode 3 – Salting the Reaper’s Fields

I sat in the waiting room, teeth chattering, gasping for breath between counting down the numbers flashing on the screen next to the TV running the seven am news at ten, the reporter regurgitating reports of this disaster in this country and that tension between those two parties, the volume turned down low, almost deliberately so you were forced to think. And to over-think. The lips of the news anchor mouthing along to the chatter that had become my inner-monologue, nagging.



Three more to go.

Salting the Reaper’s Fields by Ashvin Jeevan

Salting the Reaper’s Fields is based off the journal entries documenting my experience as a young gay man newly diagnosed with HIV. It is a story of triumph and recognising one’s own resilience when faced with adversity.

Aashvin is a peer-worker with Living Positive Victoria who responds to persons newly diagnosed with HIV or presenting with complexities from an earlier diagnosis.


Memoria is written,  produced, edited and presented by Natalie V.

Salting the Reaper’s Fields is written and read by Ashvin Jeevan. The story is sound edited by Jen Farrow.

Music in this episode is by Blue Dot Sessions,   “Pat Dog” and “Heliotrope”.

Illustrations by Peta Manning. Her book, See Me Doodle, is out now.

Sound effects used in this episode by:

Heartbeat Steady  harrybates01 CC BY 3.0, Heavy breathing 1.wav, Leroy.Khoza CC BY-NC 3.0, Letting Go Nicolai Heidlas HookSounds CC BY 4.0, NewsReportMusic.wav ehohnke CC0 1.0, paper shuffle.wav alec_mackay CC0 1.0, Pill 2 Durek CC BY 3.0, R05_0406.mp3 Omar Alvarado CC BY 3.0, Singapore Street Scape iankath CC0 1.0, S_Swallow_Pill_With_Water.wav Grubzyy CC0 1.0, Typing message on a mobile phone zaem CC0 1.0, walking slow on the street launemax CC0 1.0, walking through clubs.wav code4066 CC BY-NC 3.0

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