upheaval – stories from isolation

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theme: epiphany

Memoria is a podcast about life’s turning points.  With the world going topsy-turvy over this pandemic, we have all struggled to adapt to a new way of doing things. These are (potentially) the moments for self-discovery. Small or large. Maybe even upheaval.

When Grief Calls by Maura Pierlot


It’s not easy to reconcile the death of a parent at any age. Distance, dementia and an already difficult relationship compound matters. My go-to response is to shove the issues aside, but COVID-19 made this difficult. There was nowhere to hide except in my head. Writing has always helped me to find meaning. These are the words that came out.

About the author
Maura Pierlot is an award-winning author and playwright based in Canberra. Her writing often explores identity, self and memory and, more recently, mental health issues. Visit: maurapierlot.com and fragmentstheplay.com.

Cancer in a Covid World by Simone Bowers

The words ‘Coronavirus and COVID-19’ instill fear into our hearts, mostly because of what we don’t know about them. The word ‘cancer’ instills fear because of what we do know. Imagine adjusting your life in a time of lockdown, only to find out that you have malignant lung cancer. That was my Mum’s harsh introduction to lockdown on March 20.

About the author
I love words and I love to write. Anything from memoir and poetry to picture book text and flash fiction. I have been blessed to have Memoria pick up two of my memoir pieces for publication to their podcast. Now to have my children’s book manuscript accepted by a publisher …

Zoom Has Sucked My Life Essence From My Eyeballs by S.E. Hermanoczki

I wrote the piece after seven hours straight of zoom classes. I felt sick. Jittery. Weak. I woke up the next morning with pain actually emanating from my eyeballs. It reminded me of The Dark Crystal I’d been binge-watching (yeah) where the Gelflings have their ‘essence’ drained faboutwhen they looked into the crystal. I thought, yup, that’s zoom alright.

About the author
S.E. Hermanoczki is a writer and teacher. Her work has been published locally and overseas. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Melbourne, where she teaches. She has been published in Australian Multilingual Writing Project 

Love in the time of Iso – a new use for sticky notes by Jane Leonard

Locked down in Iso, I often wished there was that someone special to share it with. And I found it especially confronting facing a recent Ex on zoom who’d started seeing someone new. But how I dealt with it was weirdly funny and empowering, so I wanted to share that. Friends are now using the technique I came up with.

About the author
Jane Leonard is a writer, artist and educator now living in North East Victoria after many years in Alice Springs.

Covid Blues by Shane Freeman

We are all emerging from COVID lockdown. COVID Blues is a satirical poetic capture of all of that.

About the author
Shane Freeman is a writer and adventurer and is currently a student of Creative Writing at RMIT University Melbourne. His interests include sailing, writing, and adventure travel.

There’s Nothing by Noeleen Ginnane

Some people stay with you for life.

My masseuse Keith in Perth, he once told me that BALANCE isn’t ‘staying completely still; it’s constant movement.

I can’t remember his words exactly, but they were something like that.

The world, like the ocean with its currents, undercurrents & tides, is constantly moving. Tumultuously, serenely, tsunami; ever seeking balance.

About the author
Noeleen’s had a bit of this & that published over the years, never dedicating to writing but rather to the brainwashing she ingested in teen years… until now.

Who’s Calling? by Sarah Corridon

On a single day in March this year, it appeared possible, even likely, I would get a new job, boyfriend and my debut manuscript published by spring. Three weeks later, all those possibilities evaporated. I lost the job I did have and was forced to move home with my parents, just in time for my 29th birthday.

About the author
I am a writer, video producer and podcaster with a passion for storytelling in all its forms. You can find more of my work at sarahjcorridon.com

Grief and loss during a pandemic by Megan Warren



Locked down in isolation, I had time to reflect on my own grief in the wake of stillbirth and wondered how recently bereaved families were coping with their grief and loss during the pandemic. There is support and its available online.

About the author
Megan Warren is a writer and PhD student at Deakin University, living in Esperance, WA. She has been published in the anthology Surviving My First Year of Child Loss.