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S04EP3 – Holes in My Sunhat by Katrina Mathers

Adam’s body length was longer than his legs. I loved the way he walked. I loved how he told me stories about getting angry sometimes and lonely other times. I loved his Fabergés with hand-drawn, cross-hatch texta markings across his thighs. I loved his mullet (it was the 80’s) his big nose, long fingers and cheeky, sensitive, charismatic bloody everything. I could not take my eyes of Adam.

Tweenage angst.

A first sexual awakening. So many hopes and so many regrets. My first kiss was about to happen and – stupidly, stupidly, I tried to outsmart it. Because I felt so smug, being able to spy through some holes in my straw sunhat. Oh, how I regretted doing that. I would never have this opportunity again. I thought immediately after the moment was gone. I was 12. And of course, I did have that opportunity again. And while it hurt so deeply for so long that I’d sabotaged a potentially profound moment – it taught me two things – 1. know an opportunity when it arises and 2. realise that sometimes a missed opportunity is not that, it’s just the timing isn’t right.

Trust that I’ll know when the timing is better.

Trust that instinct to help you know when you’re ready. I learnt so much about accepting that sometimes it’s better to wait.

Katrina wrote the winning screenplay NO MAIL, for the Australian Series II of ‘Project Greenlight’ and was a Tropfest finalist director with THE REFEREES. She co-wrote a sitcom that was performed by the Queensland Theatre Company called FUNNY BUSINESS and she’s had an original interactive project GIRL MECHANIC TV selected to take part in X|Media|Lab’s development lab and a VR project called LITTLE MATCHES selected for the VR Plot Twist lab. She’s also written countless hours of corporate and branded content and childrens’ TV animation. Alongside working in production, Katrina has had a successful career as an actor – having been a regular writer/performer on the comedy series FLIPSIDE (ABC TV) and main cast writer/performer for THE WEDGE (Network10). Katrina was a Moosehead Award recipient for the comic stage-play FOOTY CHICKS, and she’s appeared in a host of TV productions, radio series, independent films and theatre.

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Memoria is written,  produced, edited and presented by Natalie V.

Holes in my Sunhat is written and read by Katrina Mathers.  The story is sound edited by Jen Farrow.

Music in this episode is by Blue Dot Sessions,   Sage the Hunter, When in the West and The Envelope.

Illustrations by Peta Manning. Her book, See Me Doodle, is out now.

Sound effects used in this episode by:

Birds_dog_planes By E330 CC BY 3.0,  Car, interior, inside, key, ignition, driving Stereo atmos atmosphere wildtrack ambience By Arpeggio1980 CC0 1.0, Carpark in a Scottish toon By inchadney CC BY 3.0Chair By Davidferoli CC BY 3.0,  Children playing By Goldkelchen CC0 1.0, Cigarette suck By Jakobhandersen CC0 1.0,  Jeremiah’s Song By Dan Lebowitz CC0 1.0,  Kid playing in a swimming pool By Souchav CC0 1.0,  Phone Old Landline Ringing By Robotjay CC0 1.0,  Pool-lap By JoneagleX CC0 1.0, SchreibenKuli By Hannagreen CC BY 3.0  Scribble_long_strokes By Waldram CC0 1.0,  SkaterBoys By Pcaeldries CC BY 3.0,  Skipping heartbeat By Under_the_hood CC0 1.0,  Splash, Jumping, B By InspectorJ CC BY 3.0,  Walking away and returning boots on hardwood floor By CastIronCarousel CC0 1.0, Wicker Basket By JenFarrow CC0 1.0,  Wrapper 1 By JoeBHPanes CC0 1.0 

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