Episode 3 – Black

I follow the beast deep into the water in my submarine.

*The following story contains themes of depression and suicide

People with depression have their own metaphors to describe their suffering. For me, when it hits, it’s like being trapped in a deep freshly dug grave. Dark, cold, damp, my fingers scrape at the earth, scrambling to pull myself out. All I feel is the never ending darkness devouring me.

“Black is a personal short story which attempts to capture my thoughts and feelings about depression. The story is a creative way to express my experience of depression and how it is all consuming and overrides rational thinking.” – Jen Farrow.


by Jen Farrow



This episode’s intro and outro were written, edited and produced by Nat V.

Black was written,  produced and edited by Jen Farrow with performances by Jen Farrow and Amitoze Nandha.

Music in this episode, “Waves” by Dana Boulé.

Illustrations by Peta Manning. Her book, See Me Doodle, is out now.

Sound effects used in this episode by: Robinhood76  Speedenza  Jhumbucker  Cell31_Sound_Productions   Scotchio  Morganveilleux  Sculptor  AlienXXX  KMoon  Gkillhour  Jakobthiesen  Jakobthiesen  Stephan


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