Episode 1 – introduction to Memoria podcast

Memoria: Latin for memory

Introducing Memoria, a new fortnightly podcast of micro radio dramas adapted from short memoirs.

Inspired by flash fiction and the narrative non-fiction form, Memoria will explore slices of life; moments in time that have transformed people and shaped who they have become. Whether it was the moment leaving a destructive relationship or the joy of discovering the taste of Wizz Fizz, these 400-word snapshots will be adapted into audio stories with actors, music, and sound.

Seeking submissions

If you have a story under 400 words about a moment, perhaps your first day of school and how everything went terribly wrong, or the moment you left a terrible relationship, click here to find out how you can submit your work and you can also subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know when our episode drops.

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Keep a look out for us in May.

A huge thank you to contributors Jen Farrow and Amanda Miha for inspiring me to get this up and running, as well as Peta Manning, who will illustrate our stories.

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Music in this episode, “Felt Lining” by Blue Dot Sessions.

Episode was written and produced by Nat V.