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S04EP9 – Do you hear what I hear by Simone Bowers



I heard the creak as our bedroom door was opened, very slowly, and left ever-so-slightly ajar. The thin shaft of light revealed the shadow of a man moving towards the bed behind the door. The bed of my eight-year-old sister.


In the late 1960s, family structure was largely uncomplicated: hardworking dad, stay-at-home mum and a couple of well-groomed kids. Parties were invitation-only and probably as well structured as the families who held them. I wouldn’t know – our family wasn’t invited to any parties. Our family structure was too complicated: a pensioner mum (aka a deserted wife) with three innocent kids.

My first memoir was accepted by Memoria in 2017, I have been steadily writing in my downtime since … from editorials and a radio ad to children’s books and another memoir. Writing makes me feel comfortable – regardless of the subject matter, I am in my happy place when I am writing.





Memoria was written,  produced, edited and presented by Natalie V.

Do you hear what I hear was written and read by Simone Bowers.  The story was sound edited by Jen Farrow.

Music in this episode was by Blue Dot Sessions,   Sage the Hunter, When in the West and The Envelope.

Illustrations by Peta Manning. Her book, See Me Doodle, is out now.


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