Memoria Podcast  is a show about memories. Micro stories about the moments that shape us and how memories change over time.

Inspired by flash fiction and the narrative non-fiction form, Memoria is a podcast which explores slices of life; moments in time that have transformed people and shaped who they have become. Whether it is the moment you leave a destructive relationship, to the joy of discovering the taste of Wizz Fizz, these snapshots will be adapted into audio stories with actors, music, and sound.

The idea for the podcast came to Natalie Vella in a short fiction class with Ania Walwicz in 2017. The podcast is now in its forth season and was a finalist in the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards.

Check out our schedule or listen to our episodes. We are an independent podcast. To support our independent podcast, we have a range of cool handmade items in our shop.