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“Each had his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart; and his friends could only read the title.” — Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

About Memoria Podcast

Inspired by flash fiction and the narrative non-fiction form, Memoria is a podcast which explores slices of life; moments in time that have transformed people and shaped who they have become. Whether it is the moment you leave a destructive relationship, to the joy of discovering the taste of Wizz Fizz, or even a dastardly confession, these snapshots will be adapted into audio stories with actors, music, and sound.

The podcast launched in May 2017 and is published fortnightly on our website, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher platforms.

Submissions for Memoria Podcast are now open. Closing date is January 5, 2018. Please read carefully below before making a submission.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for scenes that plunge the listener straight into a situation. Too much description doesn’t work. Unclear endings don’t really work. Reflections are okay as long as there is a scene to draw the listener in and take us on the journey. Please follow the word count described below.

It takes about two days of work to put a 5-minute podcast together. In no particular order: sourcing SFX, downloading said SFX, editing tracks, mixing tracks, organising actors, recording intros and outros, sourcing music, uploading the tracks to our Omny platform and creating the page on our website. A lot of work for a bite-sized episode, right?

Please LISTEN to our podcast first before submitting your work to us. If you like what we do, then we encourage you to submit.


Submission guideline summary

  • This season, we are looking for short pieces that are:
    • 400 words (390 – 410 words)
    • 1000 words (900 – 1100 words)
  • Writers will have the opportunity to read their own pieces if they so wish. Please indicate this on the submission form.
  • This season, we are encouraging writers to introduce their pieces (audio) as well as participate in an audio interview. How we do this will depend on your location. If you are based in Melbourne, we will organise a time to come in and record the intro/interview/piece. If you are overseas we can organise a Googlechat interview.
  • If you are able to submit an audio recording of your work it must be recorded
  • The work must fit within the genre of memoir. How you do this is up to you. We are open to all forms and styles, new voices and new ways of telling a story, however, the piece must thrive in an audio setting, that is, tell a story (beginning middle and an end) and engage the reader/listener.
  • All submitted work must be your own.
  • Extracts of larger memoirs are permissible as long as the work you are submitting can stand alone.
  • Pieces that have already been published in written form are okay to submit, as long as they have not been published in audio format. You can submit the same piece to other audio publications at the same time, but we ask that you withdraw your submission from Memoria immediately when it is accepted elsewhere.
    Multiple works can be submitted but must be sent individually.

What we don’t accept:

Works of fiction, gratuitous sex and violence, works that infringe on other copyright holders and libelous work.

Submissions are now open. We are accepting submissions until January 5, 2018.

Preparing your submission

Word document

  • Your work should be submitted as a word document with your first and last name clearly marked on the top of the document.
  • Only one work per Word document. Please don’t submit multiple works in one Word document. A separate electronic form must be submitted for each work.
    Style: It should be formatted in Times New Roman, 12-point and double spaced. The title of your piece should be clearly marked in 14-point bold at the top of your piece.
  • Please name your file with your first name and last name, followed by the name of your work. E.g. janeblogs_thefrogs
  • Once you have prepared your Word document, you will then need to attach it to your online submission form.

Completing the online form

To fill out the online form, please click here.

A list of the terms and conditions can be found at the top of your online submission. Please read it carefully. By submitting your work, you are accepting the terms and conditions outlined.

We look forward to seeing your work!