season two memoria podcast schedule

monday june 4, 20181the sacramentaprill allen
monday june 18, 20182the spirit of punknic brasch
monday july 2, 20183choicesmaha sidaoui
monday july 16, 20184rapunzel, rapunzelrijn collins
monday july 30, 20185freedom 1964lyn Mitchell
monday august 13, 20186why you should care about cataloniasilvia brown
monday august 27, 20187the naked woman in parissimmon wagner
monday september 10, 20188the eyes of a birdrijn collins
monday september 24, 20189boy in a close mill townzackary lavoie
monday october 8, 201810one woman's struggle in irannasrin parvaz
monday october 22, 201811and then you were gonesimone bowers
monday november 5, 201812forsakenanna sublet
monday november 19, 201813redemptionlyn mitchell
monday december 3, 201814something beginning with Chaosash rehn
*Please note that changes may occur due to production schedules.